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A horny mormon sorcerer who manipulates women to fight imaginary astral battles against enemies he makes up.
Bearheart will save us!
by GOODS March 24, 2013
When something is both hysterical and hilarious at the same time, and neither word by itself is sufficient for describing the situation.
Did you just see what Goody did to Kahndo? That was freakin' hysterilous!
by Goods August 28, 2008
during pregnancy, a woman's vaginal temperature increases, and on some days it's extreme. if you have sex with said pregant woman on one of those extreme days, its like inserting your penis into a hot pocket just out of the microwave. which, at first, may SOUND awesome, and is...until afterwards, then you're just a hurting machine for a good day or two
My pregnant wife and I fucked last night, and now I have hot pocket syndrome
by Goods September 05, 2006

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