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Someone who will say or do anything to spread their religion or point of view.
I was asleep when the doorbell rang.
It was some JW prostilitutes.
They just can't buy a clue.
by Goat December 13, 2004
Similar to the donkey punch in origins, but different in the fact that the one fucking the woman from behind jumps on her back while fucking her and then proceeds to pummel her in a wild fashion. After the woman is out cold he then ends this sexual act by throwing his own feces at the woman.
To relieve stress I went over to your mom's house and gave her a good ole' Monkey Mangle.
by Goat May 04, 2004
a term originated by me, describing my equally un-intelligent friends, or retarded people.
"Get back on the short bus you foobie."
by GOAT July 25, 2003
another word for hoe
Whats the deal wit that girl yo?
She's a noddle yo, she be around the block yo.
by Goat April 13, 2005
the orginal nickname of the guy we hate to love and love to hate
Steve: Hey, Carl. Have you seen Cherry?
Carl: Who is Cherry?
Steve: You know, _______.
Carl: Oh! _______. Yeah, I don't know.
by Goat April 05, 2005
A shady asskissing mother fucker who pretends to be cool to your face but will willingly stab anyone in the back just to make himself look better.
I hate people who are delacerda's.
by Goat April 04, 2005
Ice Cold Gruelich, pimped out s2000 driving, light painting, bling 18" rims owning, PIMP DADDY.
Damn look at that ricer ass exhaust on that pimp s2000
by GoAt January 13, 2005
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