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9 definitions by GDOGG

It is native urban tongue for (friend)
Gabe:Sup dogg
Skyler:yo dogg sup
by GDOGG October 19, 2003
Someone does a job at say...50% the quality
This car is fallin' APART,Those mechanics did a really half assed job
by GDOGG November 01, 2003
It pretty much means half assed
You can't just give a shout out to some hoes and expect to make thousands the same night,This aint no half steppin
by GDOGG November 01, 2003
Put bluntley...It means fucked up
Win a brown mini cooper full of chocholate?Man what a banged up idea
by GDOGG October 19, 2003
When prisoners wrap shirts around there heads to make a mask and go attack fellow immates,The very same tradition my own Father started.
Tray - Yo dogg let's Ninja this foo.

cop - All we saw was eyes.
by GDOGG October 31, 2004
The act of creating a word so that it appears legit in the TXB PP forums.
The Pussifying of the Military
by Gdogg February 04, 2005
Pinkish, krinkly greasy vaginal lips.
That chick has a bacon strip that could really use some vaginaplasty.
by Gdogg February 11, 2004