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when your balls are bulging out of your pants.
a play on words with 'folger's crystals'
dude's got some serious bulger's crystals goin on!
by gd December 31, 2004
A female who is so under the influence of the Dogfather, that she is willing to submit to sexual acts, show her boobs, or do both on "wild" video's. Said hoe may also become 'crew', and perform the same acts for homies of snoop, cause it aint no fun if they cant have none. thus now becoming a groupie of Snoop Dog.
Jillian just wanted to have a little fun at Mardi Gras, next thing she knew she was a snoopy groupie, and giving blimpkins to Snoop and his whole crew. Have you seen the tape?
by GD July 20, 2004
A guy from Perth that absolutely carves it up on weekends and just goes sik!
What a sik kunt
by GD June 20, 2004
Woman or man who chased married people, single people, dead people, and people. Often a disease ridden parasite, they enjoy destroying marriages, passing along their latest infection, and screwing whatever walks by.
She is such a slut puppy, she'd do my dog if he would stand still long enough.
by GD February 09, 2005

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