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1. adj- term actually first coined by Snoop (Doggy) Dogg in the song "Dre Day" (Dr. Dre's 1992 "The Chronic") Meaning,lackuster, laughable or just simply terrible.

2. adj- term coined again (and often mistakenly credited to being created by) Beyonce' Knowles, in the song titled "Bootylicious"(in the Destiny's Child 2001 "Survivor"). This usage means: Voluptuous, curvy, physically very appealling, in regards to a woman's figure.
1- "Your bark was loud, but your bite wasn't vicious, and those rhymes you were kickin' was quite bootylicious"

2- "...My body's too bootylicious..."
by GD November 27, 2003
what gets girls anything they want at all from any guy except fags

can be used for good or for evil
tony wouldn't let me borrow $20 at first but after i showed him some cleavage he changed his mind
by GD October 14, 2004
1. Gangster

2. Glass (crystal meth)
1. What up G!?

2. Don't smoke G.
by GD November 28, 2004
a word used to refer to any item, place, event, feeling, matter/issue, detail, situation, course of action, idea, etc.
I can't find the thing.
Did you go to the thing?
The thing just got weird.
That's the thing to do.
I have to talk to you about the thing.

by gd January 27, 2003
short for domestic violence
I got some DV assault charges
by GD December 21, 2004
a big old pile of melted cheese(s) with some tortilla chips sprinkled on top.
mmmm these reverse nachos are tasty and greasy!
by gd December 31, 2004
To mispronounce names, invent words, or otherwise needlessly meddle with processes or terms in the manner of an overrated computer information technology instructor.
Denise elongated his name, adding three extra letters.
by GD April 03, 2003
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