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3 definitions by GCV

A campaign to get people to follow Conan O'Brien no matter what happens to him and never watch Leno again.
"Do you want Conan to go to ABC, FOX, or Comedy Central?"

"I don't care. Either way, I'm with COCO."
by GCV January 13, 2010
64 13
NBC is planning to give Jay Leno the 11:35 p.m. time slot and to either bump Conan to 12:05 or to move him off The Tonight Show altogether. Team Conan believes that this is balderdash and that NBC should favor Conan O'Brien, unequivocally a better comic and host than Leno.
"Leno sucks balls! Team Conan!"
by GCV January 13, 2010
29 2
The best kind of party. A bunch of cool people get together and watch the greatest movies of all time.
"Dude, you should come to my place this weekend. I'm having a Star Wars Party."
by GCV December 17, 2008
17 4