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30 definitions by GAV

(Scottish usage) A poo poo. Variant spelling of joby. Plural is Jobbies.
Ah feel better noo ahv dun a jobbie.
by Gav April 13, 2004
346 68
...like a fat kid love cake.
I love you like a fat kid love cake.
by Gav February 06, 2005
723 501
Toes, the things at the end of your feet.
Ma tootsies are cauld
by Gav April 14, 2004
86 16
1. Director of Amazing Brittish Comedy "Shaun of the Dead" -Mentioned urban dictionary on his DVD commentary with simon pegg.

2. A sexual Position
Yeah, me and my girl just did the edgar.

There you go Edgar = )
by Gav January 31, 2005
55 3
Rythmn and Blues. Played by good old time bands for a knees up and sing song. A wide variety of styles encompasing many singable hits.
Check out the piano on this R&B track.
by Gav August 05, 2003
109 64
argue, call names
This kid was slaging me off so i decked the cunt
by gav November 14, 2003
90 49
(Scottish usage) A poo poo. Also spelt jobbie. plural is jobbies.
Ahm off tae the toilet tae dae a joby.
by Gav April 13, 2004
111 80