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Bet you wish you were a Rhianne now
by Ammiee July 13, 2003
A beautiful girl, slightly dopey, can be a right pain in the ass, but amazing at the same time.

Ali's property.
oh my i got myself a rhianne <3
by acreminis September 24, 2010
rhianne is a chicken.
she is beautiful, and very photogenic!
shes always there for her friends and she is very sweet and caring for everyone!(:
she finda alot of things funny, but will care after!
*girl falls down the stairs*
rhianne: *cracks up laughing* omgosh are you okay? i feel so bad for laughing, here let me help you!
by lj1997 June 28, 2011
Gav's missus
<gav> Man I love Rhianne, she is soooo hot.
by choombies March 15, 2003
big sing
by gav March 26, 2003

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