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Back in Jamaica when the woman had their periods they did not have disposible towels, they would use clothes and then wash then, when they were hung up to dry, when they were on the drying line they were called Bumbacluts. It is a very rude word in Jamaica, like cunt
Rass u fossy hole bumbaclut bwoy mi gonna shoot yah fi dead
by G March 16, 2005
bare back blow job
got a bbbj off this street ho last ni'
by G March 04, 2003
Not a harder version of drum and bass - this just is what drum and bass was called before it was called drum and bass. The term is mostly now used to refer to drum and bass tunes released between 1992 - 1996 (especially those with ragga vocals) ie. "old skool jungle". Is also used to describe drum and bass in general.
Phantasy is playing an old jungle set in the 2nd room
by G December 04, 2003
(noun); The rush of air eminating from a female's vagina, mimicing the sound of flatulance.

(adj); An offensive description of an unliked individual or object
"When the bitch stood up she let out da biggest qweef I ever heard"
by G December 15, 2003
DJ - one who selects the tunes. normally used in ragga, drum n bass and garage
Hold tight Shy rinse out the mix seleeeeeeeeectaaa!
by G June 09, 2003
-Eazy E

Rest in Peace.
by G March 25, 2005
Company that makes SOME preppy clothes, but most (like fleeces) are very comfortable + normal. Clothes are cheap too.
Jim- Let's go to Old Navy and get some comfortable clothes!
Fred- OK, you go ahead. I'll stay here, 'cos guys should NEVER shop for clothes together. It's WRONG!!
by G April 02, 2005
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