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a selfish ignorant sadist who will one day contribute to the suffering and destruction of the whole of humanity except a few of richest, most selfish, most fundamentalist christians who are all white, physically healthy and straight.
He supports the war and capital punishment coz he believes being rich and American gives you the right to kill people less fortunate if it helps you to become richer.
by G March 09, 2005
Named for the infamous Canadian, N. Walpole, walpoling is the conscious decision to irk the living crap our of everyone around you by constantly pointing out the one thing that separates you from them, to point out that in one tiny area you are a have, rather than a have not. The true joy comes from knowing that soon, the walpoler will soon be just like everyone else.
"Dude, Nathan just walpoled me about his damn car again!"

"It's an element. That's more like he Dorsey'ed you."
by G October 01, 2004
in nyc anwhere from 110th St up
Harlem , Washington Hieghts & Inwood thats Uptown
by g March 30, 2005
someone who is full of the bills and has literally ALL the bitches n hoes after him. but does not like to take them from all other playa's and gangsta's. he is a respectable man.
"yo dammnn that guys a hugggge Geoff!
by G March 14, 2005
a word that will bring fear in your eyes,but never the less they are safe and love their glassy (drinks)
"singh" means lion and that why many fear fear them,there really is no messing with them
by G December 23, 2004
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