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A person who's swagger is MUCH bigger than their junk..
He played her like a fiddle, got her in bed and she laughed at his shorthorned dribbler. He was hung like an angry gerbil.
by Futureghst-MJC April 26, 2012
Any man, boy, guy, dude, prick, bitch, high horse princess from Canada who thinks his/her shit doesn't stink.
I met a guy/girl from Canada who immediately began to tell me how much better it is to be Canadian.. I say no, you are a Canadouche.
by Futureghst-MJC July 17, 2012
A person with little to no knowledge on any subject including his or her own name. Someone who has very little function when it comes to topics concerning the use of the brain.
I was astonished at the level of nothingness going on in this persons head.. Clearly a flatbean..
by Futureghst-MJC January 15, 2013
When a country is run by women only, a place where there are no "Penis" shaped emblems... No war, and shoes are the new currency.
In 2012 the governwoment took to cleaning up the country and erasing homelessness and joblessness by turning all those unfortunate souls into Masseurs and nail techs.
by Futureghst-MJC February 22, 2012
Any Grandmother who smacks without prejudice the hands and or face of those who try to steal their candy......

Kind old ladies sitting on the couch knitting who hide within a fierce hatred of loud children, wishing for the strength to get up and beat them all with a broomstick.
As a young child my grandmother was ferociously protective of her candy, she would terminate (put the smackdown on) with extreme prejudice those who tried to steal it, the Termiknitta...
by Futureghst-MJC August 21, 2010
To mass delete, erase or block a large number of people or groups from Facebook, Myspace or any other social media outlet.
Today I will remove any and all unwanted, undesirable persons from my social media life, let's see who survives the "ablockalypse".
by Futureghst-MJC June 13, 2014
When a female or feminine male uses WAY too much make-up, has no clue how to use said make-up, no sense of proportion, and just slathers it on like they loaded a paintball gun with a variety of colors and hoped for the best.
Damn Girl!! You look like you got smacked with the ass end of a rainbow, that's not make-up, that's clown butter.
by Futureghst-MJC February 26, 2015

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