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When a girl sniffs a guys junk to see if he's been fuckin around with someone else before he came home. If she smells vag, he's guilty as charged.
Girl: Get over here and drop your pants.
Guy arriving home after "working late": Shit, are you giving me a sniff test?
Girl: Youve been fuckin some other chick again havent you!?
by FunDotCom July 28, 2010
The "vehicle" that a transvestite has between its legs.
Guy 1: I met this girl at a bar last night. I was going to take her home but I felt something extra when she was dancing up close!

Guy 2: OMG, she had a batmobile! yuck!
by FunDotCom January 22, 2010
Slang word for 'penis'
Hey bro, did you get laid last night?

Yea, Stacey was all over my pink dragon!
by FunDotCom March 05, 2010
Acronym for Shits-and-Giggles.
You sure you don't want to do this?
Aw, c'mon, lets do it just for SAG.
by FunDotCom April 06, 2010
The TRUE definition of "spinner" is:

A chick who is hot enough to bang, but ONLY from behind. In other words, you gotta "spinner" (spin-her) so as not to see her face while doin the deed.

Also referred to as a butterface.
Guy 1: Did you take anyone home with you from the party last night.

Guy 2: Yea, you remember that chick Jamie?

Guy 1: Oh yea, the spinner! Man, she had a rockin body, but definitely a butterface.

Guy 2: Yep. Definitely a spinner.
by FunDotCom July 28, 2010
Like racism, but a hatred toward a religion rather than a race.
Man, I hate all religious people.

Bro, that's religicism at its finest.
by FunDotCom January 06, 2015
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