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The NEW skateboarding star after Tony Hawk. Rich, good at skateboarding and owns several companies.
rodeny mullen kicks ass
by fuckoff November 02, 2004
Soundwave is a fucking superior robot, losers.

by Fuckoff January 17, 2005
All of them are fucking bitchez.
soccer moms can suck it.
by Fuckoff January 18, 2005
Stupid slag of an artist from my home town all da gypos fancy her, wears too much gold jewellery. Songs didn't get very far in the charts, shagged Matt from busted and Eamon wants her!
Dat Bad ass stripper Jentina
by Fuckoff January 06, 2005
Its way better than AIM will ever be.
AIM is for noobs. Use mirc.
by Fuckoff January 18, 2005
a long-haired pot smoker
by fuckoff January 13, 2003
Having your boxer short hanging out over the top of your trousers and pulling them down.
"damn you look cool!"
"yeah thas jus boxed in for ya"
by fuckoff December 09, 2003
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