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3 definitions by Francesco

Polynesian name for Matthew. Used as a comment for something amazing, great you've just seen.

Mateo!!! this chick has the most massive tits I've ever seen in my life !
by Francesco June 06, 2005
149 89
Polynesian word to say that something is amazing, great.
He'ina, this chick has big tits
by Francesco May 31, 2005
20 6
ya fuck u all...italians are good people that wanna be alone and independent from everyone else cause they know wats goood and wats bad....only cause other people in the world are jealous of always seeing italians with the hottest girls doesnt mean people should talk shit...people who diss other races are fagots and deserved to be killed and they probably have a gay fuckin race thats why they must go bash other people
this canadian tried to make fun of an italian? ya ok hes a fuckin tard...ask him wat hes done before?? um nothing hes a fuckin cake
by Francesco November 11, 2003
72 132