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for one to bash off
That Peter had a frapp over Terry Wogan!!
by el tit face July 29, 2003
Quite simply to have a wank. Refers to both male and female masturbation.
Why don't you go home and have a good frapp?
by Constantly Bored May 11, 2005
1. Short for frappucino.

2. Synonym for fuck and other fuck uses.

3.Referring to #2: used as a non-vulgar synonym for fuck.
1. Wow Karina, what did you have them put in your frapp?

2. Frapp you Sam!

3. A frapp.
(Replacing "fuck it").
by Sonic1214x September 01, 2008
Free application. As in: free app. "There's a frapp for that" short for "Frapplication".
Hey. I need to find a app for weather. ". "Well, there's a frapp. for that.
by AIRICTHERED July 25, 2010
1. To slap a person with a penis, hard or soft. Aka Cock Slap.
1. I frapped her ass with my 9 foot penis. She now has an abnormal scar in the shape of a mushroom on her cheek.
by CJ March 08, 2004
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