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A word used to fill space in a sentence, or a silence
no exact definition, but it is fun as hell to say
just say out loud once, you'll be hooked
person 1: Yesterday I ate a delicious melon...
person 2: Putt Wee!
person 1: That comment added nothing to the conversation, but it sounded funny...
by Forgis McFludge May 17, 2006
To mow your front lawn only, for the sake outward appearance, rather than do the whole thing

Wife: The lawn is looking pretty bad out there
Husband: I'm busy, I'll just do a quick show mow
by Forgis McFludge July 25, 2006
An alternate name for the word "school", all schools would be called "grooks" if there was no loam in the world
Person 1: Are you going to grook today?

Person 2: nah, i'd rather go get high, and bang postitutes

Person 1: Lolz

Person 2: wow you just said "lolz" your a loser
by Forgis McFludge May 18, 2006
A "noob" or "n00b" (if your an ass-fuck), at the common computer mini-game "Snood", it can be some one who sucks ass at the game, or someone who doesn't play, either way you're a snoob, and therefore suck at life

person 1: Dude, i just got a 300 in Snood!!
person 2: wow, you Snoob, i got 7000, because i'm awesome


Person1: Do you play snood? Its so badass
Person 2: WTF is "snood"

by Forgis McFludge May 17, 2006
Caliente Pocket is "Hot Pocket" in spanish
Made popular by awesome people namely me
An exclamation mainly used on roller coasters
caliente pockets are filled with nasty meat
by Forgis McFludge May 17, 2006

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