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Where two people are having sex, and the guy proceeds to play bongos on her tits until they are numb.
Dave:"I played a show last night."

Bob:"Oh yeah? What instrument did you play?"

Dave:"The Boise Bongos. She hit me..."
by Flyhunter September 19, 2008
Before a guy is about to jizz the girl lays on the ground on her back. Then the guy proceeds to run over her body (With his arms out and making airplane noises) while jizzing as he passes over her.
The guy's legs usually buckle because of the sensation, and when this happens he needs to make a crashing noise so it sounds like the plane is crashing.
"My girlfriend always talks about how her brother is in the Air Force. So I gave her the Arizona Air Raid to show my patriotism."
by Flyhunter September 19, 2008
When a guy and girl are having sex and when the guy is done he proceeds to adorn her face with man cheese(jizz). Then, since men have to pee after sex, the guy pees on her face and the girl opens her mouth and gargles the solution of golden love and man juice.
"Jenny said she needed face wash. So I decided to give her the good old Montana Moonshine."
by Flyhunter September 19, 2008
When two lovers engage in anal sex and when the guy is done he gently places a stick of butter in between her buttcheeks and squishes them together.
"BY JOVE! You've got a stick of butter in your bum! (The next day) Dude, you don't have to be a british man to enjoy a nice 'n tasty California Crumpet."
by Flyhunter September 19, 2008
When two lovers are having sex and the man will just lay on top of the woman. Now their is no pelvic thrusting or humping required, just sensual eye contact. This should take about 1 minute if the two concentrate and their focus is not interrupted.
Bill: "Dude last night was so effing tiring with Meredith!"

Bob: "Why"

Bill: "Well, we were going hard for a while, and then I got tired. So we tried the Manatee minute. It worked like a charm."
by Flyhunter December 02, 2008
When two people are making sweet love and the man cums inside the woman (preferrably a contortionist or experienced stripper). Then the woman will lie on her back with her legs over her head attempting to have the cum drizzle into her mouth. Although this practice is not commonly enacted, it does spice up things in the bedroom.
Brian:"Oh man you know Celeste from the strip club?"

Patrick:"Oh yeah man she is wild."

Brian:"Yeah man last night she did the Montreal Meat Spoon. Its much more exciting in person."
by Flyhunter June 13, 2009
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