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To make a arrangment to do a said activity at another time.

First used when baseball games were rained out and fans were issued vouchers that allowed them to return and watch another game.
Bob was too busy trying to get laid, so he had to take a raincheck on our Halo 2 session.
by Flession February 05, 2005
A retort commonly followed after accuse someone of something extremely horrid and cruel that has no bearing to the conversation at hand.

A tactic generally used against Liberals and Progressives unable to come up with a valid counterpoint in a political or social argument.

(see racist, homophobe, hate monger, Nazi, Fascist)
Person 1: "Wisconsin cannot afford to pay teachers right now with the current setup. Either teachers budge and actually start contributing a mere 3.6 percent into their retirement and pay a slight increase of their co-pay for medical bills or they're going to have to cut tens of thousands of jobs!"


Person 1: " And I kick puppies too."
by Flession February 22, 2011
A really bad spelling of cum.
I thought it was spelled cume, but thanks to Flession, I know it's spelled cum.
by Flession March 25, 2004
Someone who is winning a argument with a Liberal.
"...but in order to get out of the Welfare state we've gotten ourselves into over the past few decades, everyone needs to stop feeding off the system and actually work instead of merely relying on Big Brother taking care of all your problems!"
"well...ummm...errr...you're a racist!"
by Flession November 07, 2007
1. A phrase stating the fact that you have aged another year that day.

2. The saying for when a person is dancing very well.
1. Hey Bob. Guess what? It's your birthday!

2. Go white girl! It's your birthday! It's your Birthday!
by Flession March 25, 2004

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