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4 definitions by Flea

Not a racist term, but a product of drinking booze THEN puffing the cheeba.
It's name is based sround the fact that you:
a) go white
b) see nothign but stars (white or green ones) and promptly spazz out on the floor, sometimes accompanied by vomiting and the farts.
"Chrissy just took a huge bong hit and threw a whitey,... think he's in the toilet driving the porcelain bus."
by Flea May 20, 2004
16 9
bad badass yeahbad if something's the supreme of wickedness, highest level of coolness you can get.
if something is excecuted in a better than average fashion you would call it badcore
by Flea February 23, 2005
15 24
some one who enjoys smoking DANK.
topher is so high right now.
by flea March 11, 2005
27 124
A whore.... that gives good head..... THE END
Man, that girl went all gabba on me... damn
by Flea February 27, 2005
23 160