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An adjective often heard in the gangsta' streets of High Wycombe, England. It is used when a normal positive adjective does not portray how good something is and the use of 'hardcore' does not suffice.
Colin: "Subway is badcore"
Jo: "You see that shot? Was badcore."
by Simjob March 30, 2005
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When you need to be original and phrases like hardcore and badass will not suffice to demonstrate your total coolness, use badcore.
Jamie T: I think I'm going to have another party and invite the whole of medway again. I sure do hope the police aren't called and my parents aren't angry.
Douglas E.: Jamie don't worry. Remember your motto, PARTY HARD, it'll be totally badcore.
by Crackpotbeatle January 13, 2010
bad badass yeahbad if something's the supreme of wickedness, highest level of coolness you can get.
if something is excecuted in a better than average fashion you would call it badcore
by Flea February 23, 2005
Adj. - extremely interesting. Slang for enthralling.
"Woah bro, that was badcore!"
by The Ver March 07, 2003
badcore is a movement that is taking the world over
some think they know what badcore is but they dont
badcore is alot deeper than hardcore.
if you dont know what the fuck badcore is then you are not cool enough to be part of the revolution
"dude i got in a fight and beat the shit out of this scumfuck it was badcore"
"i just got these tickets to a badcore concert wanna go?"
"i was at the pizza shop and i got a supreme slice then added parm to it and grubbed badcore to the gnar"
"when i was at the skatepark this woodpushin shit eater tried snaking me so i snaked him back and that mother fucker ate shit badcore"
"holy shit that car is on fire upside down in 10 parts scattered over the whole highway...that has to be the most badcore accident ive ever seen"
"bmx is badcore"
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