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An amazing man famous for being a gentleman and being extremely attractive. Different from all the guys, he wears the latest trends before they're known but he's not a hipster, he just makes things awesome. Treats all girls with respect and doesn't let the big guy phase him, he helps them instead. Helps out all his friends to get to there full potential. Eventually becomes president of the United States and gets the world back on track.
"With that, Streetlamp Le Moose existed the stage. Abigail waited in the wings for him, embracing him she whispered seductively 'Hello Mr. President.'"
by Flagellah May 27, 2013
The tail on many bacteria that helps it move
The scientist observed on the protozoa that it had an abnormal flagella on it.
by Flagellah May 29, 2013
A nice guy who has a great fashion sense and is a metro sexual. He likes to wash his face lots and moisturize and wear sunscreen even though it is winter. Although he does this he is still a great ladies man.
Guy 1: Why are you so pale

Guy 2: I put on sunscreen

Guy 1: Oh you're such a Greven
by Flagellah May 28, 2013
A word used for people who are sore losers.
Jack: I beat you HAHAHA


Jack: Woh dude stop being a Taeger!
by Flagellah May 28, 2013
A tall person who is extremely uncoordinated
Tom: *Throws ball to Mitch*

Mitch: *Drops an easy catch*

Tom: Wow Mitch you're such a longtard
by Flagellah May 29, 2013
Someone who likes to whip out their penis or schlong a lot of the time to either impress or disgust everyone around
Guy 1: *Whips out his penis*

Guy 2:"Oh dude he's such a schlonger man that's gross"

Guy 1: "You're just jealous of my schlonger skills"
by Flagellah February 18, 2015

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