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It's like when you get a bird preggers... then realise she'd a ho so you drop one in her stomach.... You stabilised the situation....
"Yo Tracy, if you don't shut the fuck up, I'm gonna stabalise yo vagine"
by DHawkins October 07, 2013
To stabilise a 'pregnancy' situation using ones fist into a females womb.
Tom was a young man, his girlfriend selfishly got pregnant.

Tom was not happy when Tina packed on the pounds, gained mood swings, lack of sex, grumpy, frumpy, rather lumpy in leather....

Tom waited for Tina to be sick.... When he crept up behind her, removed her panties and stabalised her womb with a blunt toilet brush.
by William-Shakespeare November 04, 2013
To remove ones pregnancy with a sharp object, thus stabilising ones situation.
I say, I came home one evening to the news that my beloved wife, Clara, was pregnant. I proceeded to go to the sword case to retrieve the medieval longsword and headed back into the library.

Clara lay there as I stabalised the situation with sword, repeatedly poking her womb. All is well now, but i ruined a bloody good sword.
by DanielMurphy October 07, 2013
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