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Eating enormous quantities of fatty food in a slovenly manner without taking time to breath or chew.
OMG look at that fat kid nemblor those burgers down.
by FiST June 16, 2003
A tiny white penis, a comment of sarcasm towards unfortunately small male genitals
*laughs.....look at that fatphil
by FiST June 15, 2003
unwashed and unclean in appearance
erk that yellow jacket is so morgoth, it stinks man
by FiST June 16, 2003
Before twelve o'clock in the afternoon.
Had to get up early.
by Fist February 15, 2005
Someone who rides the range in search of rump.
*points at an obviously gay man cruising for some man love.
Hey look at that ranger!!!!
by FiST June 16, 2003

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