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Eating enormous quantities of fatty food in a slovenly manner without taking time to breath or chew.
OMG look at that fat kid nemblor those burgers down.
by FiST June 16, 2003
Full of yourself.
"Hi, my name is Nemblor and I will fucking own you at Q3 because I started this clan that died but then I started another clan that was the best but then that died too oh well it wasn't my fault, now i'll play RTCW and say I have been playing it since day one even though I did it for a few weeks then left but now i'm back i'm so good i'll duel you and if I lose i'll /quit and blame it on Telstra. I joined this clan but it broke up too, then I joined this OTHER clan that OWNED my old clan, I love this clan but just then I had to leave because I got an offer to join a new clan that's even better than that clan YEAH! Now I have to say i'm leaving RTCW because I have other things to do but don't worry i'll come back in a few weeks to own every single one of you again! Bye!"
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
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