34 definitions by FhillyMan

A fucking awful Cocksucker network that used to be cool with Rockos Modern Life and Ren & Stimpy and now is a tragedy to even have on your cable line-up.
I wish to have Nickelodeon taken off my cable lineup.
by FhillyMan May 13, 2003
tHis is byfar one of the best Kevin Smith movies.
U fucking tipped over that coffin.
by FhillyMan September 09, 2003
A wicked hot girl
Hey Hot Mama, let pull up to that bumper and smack that monkey.
by FhillyMan May 13, 2003
Nightime on the kids network Noggin, which also happens to be a division of Nickelodeon, which also happens to be a shitty kids network.

The-N is a great channel along with Fuse and HBO.
Watch The-N or die.
by FhillyMan August 19, 2003
Driven by Terrorists and Polluters.
by FhillyMan July 03, 2003
See slow
dell used to be known for quality, but now they just suck.
by FhillyMan July 21, 2003
Mark Hamill's part in Jay and Silent Bob strike back.
Now whos balls have been busted bitch? BONG!!
by FhillyMan October 12, 2003

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