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Being drunk enough to slur your words.
"Babe, I'm not drunk, i'm jus a lillehammered!"
by fedup June 24, 2003
Corporate Hijacking - The process whereby large US based monopoly technology companies impose their draconian will on 3rd world countries: billing in USD hurts countries with poor foreign exchange rates, scant regard for the end user business requirements and actual needs ‘Which of my products can I sell you’ instead of ‘what business problems can we solve for you ?’, frequent changes to complex licensing policies that make it impossible for anyone to understand including themselves, sales process where hidden costs are surfaced at the last minute, pricing negotiations start off with: ‘this is the way it is and we can’t change it’, conducting ‘customer surveys’ with a directive that the results better be good or else, raking in huge amounts of revenue only to donate it to charities.
‘Hey Pete, how was that meeting today. We were so totally CorpJacked by those guys ! ‘
by FedUP February 10, 2014
From the yaya, meaning completely nutso, wacko, psycho person.
Stay away from her - she's a freeze dried whackaloon!!
by fedup June 24, 2003
From the yaya - meaning very very confused.
I thought she was coming over, but maybe i was cornfuzzled.
by fedup June 24, 2003
The art of fucking up a word so bad becuase you suck at typing that it creates a new language.
Shack your shit? what is that, natbonics?
by fedup June 24, 2003
From the yaya - meaning you've been given a wonderful surprise gift. Named for the woman (Pudge) who is the best at giving surprise gifts!
I got home, checked my mail and guess what - i've been PUDGED!!!
by fedup June 25, 2003
How drunk yaya's say wine.
"Sugar, get me 'nother bottle of wing, will ya?"
by fedup June 24, 2003

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