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means how many people you had sex wit
player #1: last night my body count was like 10
player #2: yo, that is soft, mine was 10 per hour
player #3: i didnt get nun
by virgoprincess April 15, 2006
283 137
The amount of people at a scene or place. Can be used in different situations.
Cop 1~The suspect wiped them all out.
Cop 2~What's the body count?
Cop 1~Over half a dozen.
by Miss Potato Head September 15, 2010
104 101
Checking your pockets for dead presidents (money) therefore doing a body count.
Person 1: Oh man, I don't have enough for the pizza.
Person 2: It's all good, I did a quick body count and I got $10.
by Clever-Feller November 20, 2010
67 106