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The act of rocking your head back and forth as you suck somebody off, like the motion of a Pigeon walking.
"I do say I would like to give that man a good Pigeoning".
by Falconarc July 03, 2012
An abomonation of humanity that can be found on the Island of Benidorm, quite often found in the nude Quite possibly what makes or breaks a holiday depending on what floats your boat.
Mummy, what is that stripping mannequin on the stage? It is far too old to be doing that...

I think I just lost my sight in both eyes from watching Sticky Vicky...

I will never get an erection again :(
by Falconarc November 21, 2012
A small town in South Yorkshire. Known for being full lots of small mining villages who still complain endlessly about Thatcher to this day and a large collection of scumbags, both UK and mostly non UK nationals.
1. Ey up, lets get down t' Working Men's Club an pretend our opinion matters while badmouthin' Tories!

2. Just visit the lovely town center to be greeted by streets filled to the brim with non-UK nationals, various homeless centers that everyone in Doncaster seems to have lived in at some point, and the meeting point of the town - The Jobcentre (only averaging three fights per day - best figures ever!!)
by Falconarc September 18, 2013

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