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6 definitions by Fae

Broadway play at the Gershwin theatre. the wizard of oz through the eyes of the witch herself- miss. elphaba.
go see the play Wicked at the gershwin theatre- its really wicked... bad joke.
by Fae December 19, 2004
someone or something that you are not allowed to do/play with/ use.
a.) a taken boy/man
b.) your boyfriends brother/close family member
c.) your own family member (incest the game your whole family should stay away from... one word-EWW!)
d.) animals (Gross
e.) someone else's toys
by Fae December 19, 2004
1 Relating to film or motion picture (cinema). Originally a trademark for film.
2 Artificial

History: celluloid is a colorless flammable material made from nitrocellulose and camphor, which was used to make photographic and cinema film
1 On the celluloid screen
2 The characters were flat and celluloid
by fae March 11, 2005
expletive, popularized by those poor buggers whose parents cuffed them for swearing.
"OH FUC- FLIBBING HECK, the leafs lost AGAIN"
by Fae December 21, 2003
A technique of switching opinions on a subject in order to be better received by different audiences. Sometimes, however, people mistake a thoughtful reconsideration for waffling, an error that can lead to such detrimental effects as the re-election of W.
Yesterday Bobby said he liked J.Lo's ass but today he waffled and said it's an ugly bubble-butt.
by Fae August 28, 2004
"cool" with drug use implications
I popped this new pill from my boyfriend and the feeling was chizz all over.
by Fae May 08, 2003