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1. A colostomy bag.
2. A container into which one defecates into.
1. Watch out for grandpa's shitbag when you go to hug him!
2. No I can't pull over.. Use a shitbag!
by FKR February 25, 2003
a girl who is looking for peninis is said to have cock in the eye, or alternatively, to be cockeyed.
that chick's got cock in the eye
by fkr July 30, 2003
ready to accept the penis (excessive curvature in the lumbar portion of the spine)
that chick's in lordosis
by fkr July 30, 2003
a guy who has his eyes on a girl is said to be suffering from pinkeye in a similar fasion to how a girl gets cock in the eye
he's got a pretty bad case of pinkeye from that chick
by fkr July 30, 2003
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