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the semi-scientific term snowball effect is used to discribe any object that gradually gains volume, such as when a snowball rolls down a hill. it is a term commonly used to describe people who have large weight gains.

the snowball effect can discribe young people who gain weight, mostly due to the natural cycle of growth. for example, while in middle school and just starting puberty, a preteen may be skinny and lanky. but as the reach their teen years, their body mass will gradually increase.

the snowball effect can also (although more harshly) apply to an adult who bulks up due to excessive eating or disease.
my girlfriend really succumbed to the snowball effect. when we were young kids in middle school and were just friends, she was really skinny and weighted under 90 lbs. while we were together in our high school years, she had a little meat on the bones, and was gradually getting bigger. by the time she was a sophomore in college, the snowball effect had caused her to weigh 145.
by Eye In The Sky June 22, 2006
the most pathetic excuse for a hotel in vegas. calls itself a family resort- hey guess what, it's still a casino. the carpet is dirty, the rooms are aging, the elevators are deathtraps, and the parking garage is ridiculous. the famous circus acts are a joke.
wow, i know that if i was going to stay in vegas, i would avoid circus circus
by Eye In The Sky June 22, 2006
perhaps the biggest flop in NFL history, Ryan Leaf was the #2 overall pick by the San Diego Chargers in 1998. the only player picked in front of Leaf was Payton Manning, and the Colts (who selected Manning) considered taking Leaf until just before draft day. needless to say, the Colts were wise to take Payton.

Leaf was highly touted, coming out of Washington State U, and was expected to lead San Diego to glory. However, in is rookie year, he had 2 touchdowns, 15 picks, and a bad attitude. he nearly fought an angry fan, often screamed at reporters, and faked an injury to leave practice to golf. he missed the '99 season with a shoulder injury, and after poor performance, and injury, and a run in w/ police (a bar fight), he was released after 2000.

Leaf was signed and released by tampa Bay before the 2001 season, and finally ended up playing as a back up in Dallas that year. He lost all 4 games that he started.

He signed with Seattle as a back up prior to 2002, but retired due to long standing injuries.
Ryan Leaf is the biggest bust in NFL history
by Eye In The Sky June 22, 2006
Afghanistan is an extremely poor Central Asian nation that is being ruled by an American-funded puppet government. After years of corruption under the Islamic Fundamentalist Taliban, the nation is now ruled by a weak, ineffective government that is fueled by propganda supplied by US conservatives. However, this central government has no power outside of Kabul and warlords rule this nation's countryside in a fedual style system.
Afghanistan is in a state of anarchy outside of Kabul.
by Eye In The Sky September 18, 2006
Dan Rather is a real newsman, part of a generation of trusted, introspective sources, along with Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw. But with Jennings dead, Brokaw retired, and Rather forced from CBS within a year of each other, news as we know it has ended. Rather is a real reporter, unlike Katie Couric, his replacement after Bob Schieffer (who is a real newsman as well) is taken from his interim role. Rather is well known for his reports on Kennedy's assassination, Nixon's impeachment, Vietnam, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Suddam's tourture chambers.

Unfortunately, Rather will be remembered for his drawn out voice and one error in reporting, more than for all the good things he did. Like the news has never fucked up a little deatail in a story before?

Rather is also probably the only reporter to have a top 10 rock his written about him. REM's What's the Frequency, Kenneth, is about an incident in the 1980s in which a crazy guy beat up Rather because he thought the media was controling him mind.
Dan Rather reported real news. Not like this bullshit from Catie Kouric, or the fake and twisted news from Fox.
by Eye In The Sky June 21, 2006
one of the shittiest schools in america. a land grant university that was originally designed to be Farmer U (yeah, and aggie school). however, it now likes to hide that image and call itself an elite college. despite being a state school, it has high tuition and (for some reason) difficult standards for admission. this second fact is a total joke, because it's easy to get in if your not smart but no somebody. most attendees are excellent drinkers and parties. the school is located in the middle of nowhere in central PA (nicknamed 'the alabama of the northest')

in sports, penn state is ridiculous. in football, the pride themselves on the old glory of a pompous, grouchy coach. they used to be hugh rivals with the highly superious Pitt, but the school got scared and dropped Pitt from the schedule in '01. in basketball, they are a total joke.
'penn state sucks' are the unofficial last words to the Pitt fight song.

at penn state, they sacrifice virgins in exchange for football success.
by Eye In The Sky June 24, 2006
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