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34 definitions by Evil Tim

possessor of fishlips and butcherer of good songs
he should have faded into obscurity like the backstreet boys or bubba sparx
by Evil Tim August 15, 2003
566 173
What the above person he does Sonic Boom and Flash Kick
Sonic Boom!
by Evil Tim September 27, 2003
139 41
The 1st lady of Street Figher. She wants to put the hurtin' on Bison because he killed her dad.
nuff said
by Evil Tim September 20, 2003
106 25
An insult or insults that are sufficiently offensive to the insulted person that he/she becomes angry enough to start throwing punches.
Person 1: Too bad your mama didn't drown you when you were born, you worthless nigger/kike/camel jockey/bitch/cracker/gook/insert chosen offensive word(s) here!
Person 2: I'm gonna beat your ass! Them's fightin' words!
by Evil Tim June 18, 2004
44 5
characteristic of one who can be sexy without even knowing it
Shawn B. ......even though she looks like a cat. Oh well......
by Evil Tim August 05, 2003
72 45
Fire-type Pokemon that evolves from Eevee when the Fire Stone is used. Despite its puffy, chubby appearance, Flareon is quite capable of massive burnination when raised properly.
FiFi the rogue Flareon returns to lay burnination upon those who dare to antagonize her!
by Evil Tim September 29, 2003
33 9
A day that symbolizes the upcoming 9 months of woe and endless toil that is school
I still think that it sucks more balls than Britney Spears, Ja Rule, and Marey Carey put together
by Evil Tim August 27, 2003
23 3