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yelled when sumthing good heapens
Fujiko: Lupin I love you. Come here and kiss me you hairy man-child!
Lupin: HOORJ!
by Evil Tim August 01, 2003
Not to be confused with Gomamon (which is a digimon); he would probably be the one to complain the most if he saw Lupin and Fujiko doing the nasty...
L: Who's your daddy, girl?
F: Oh, you are!
G: Would you two at least wait until I got out of bed to do that?! *gets up* Disgust rises from within me...
F: You just had to do here...'Ah, Fuji-cakes, he won't even notice because he's a heavy sleeper...' yeah right!
L: At least he didn't notice the...you-know....
by Evil Tim July 31, 2003
Name you call somebody you luv
Hayato Kanzaki is RatchetBoo's pukipu. She love him long time
by Evil Tim September 18, 2003
best street fighter chara ever!!!!!!!
Ryu owns trodgor
by Evil Tim August 15, 2003
Journey taken by a crackhead when he/she looks for a reefer
by Evil Tim September 09, 2003
The feeling of pooing in peace
by Evil Tim October 13, 2003
To suck something up your nose so that you can either:
A- have it come out one of your nostrils
B- have it come out of your mouth
Steve-O horked on a worm
by Evil Tim October 12, 2003
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