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12 definitions by Everyone

a combination of Jason,Michael Myers, Freddy Crougar that forms into the sum of all fears. creation of Meaghan king
"Meaghan King is so death because she killed me, i swear."
"She stole my soul"referring to Meghan king
by EVERYONE July 22, 2003
2 4
Being an awesome or amazing person.
Wow, he's such a sockfulloflove.
by Everyone September 08, 2003
2 5
A sher-lut comes from the old english term, Slut. Those associated with this adjective suck cock day-in day-out, not for the money but for their need to taste as many variaties of man-juice as possible.
Vicki is a sher-lut
Helen is a sher-lut
David is a sher-lut
Young is a sher-lut
by Everyone March 09, 2005
3 8
sexy man beast
just too sexy to have an example
by everyone April 24, 2003
13 77
See: Smug

The world would be a better place if he volunteered to have medical experiments performed on him.
Bono is a smug no-talent prick.
by Everyone March 26, 2003
134 243