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The law that says anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
I just won the lotto, but I lost the lotto ticket.
by Etan September 05, 2003
The act of masturbation
I'm going to go have myself a onesome
by Etan September 05, 2003
Absence of vision.
Watch out for the car, Mrs. Blindy
by Etan September 28, 2003
When an object is given to you and paid for by the person giving it to you.
Because you are sexy, this drink is on the house.
by Etan September 16, 2003
1.) -noun- a vulgar remark, commonly used to berate another person as a result of poor judgement on his/her behalf.
i can't see ashley simpson in her new mtv video, get out of my way you goddamn peckerbutt!
by etan February 07, 2006
Pants that are awesome.
Gee those pants are awesome-pants.
by Etan August 29, 2003
Impressions on a website per hour.
I have a lot of IPH on my awesome site.
by Etan September 28, 2003

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