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The orifice between a mustache and a goatee.
Check out that Vicar McSwain; he's one prime piece of jailhouse pussy.
by Ernest Peabody July 26, 2006
Noun denoting the offspring conceived by a married woman while her husband is away for a period of months or years; e.g., at war or in the joint.
Moe: I don't understand how my wife had a baby a month ago. I mean, I'd been away for two years!

Joe: Well, Moe, that kid's a grudgebaby. Somebody had it in for you.
by Ernest Peabody August 01, 2006
Noun, Turds that enter the toilet with overwhelming force, somtimes used figuratively
You wouldn't believe the blitzkrap I saw shopping at Walmart the other day!
by Ernest Peabody July 23, 2006
Rapidly ejected excrement, turds entering the public domain like so many storm troopers invading Poland in 1939. Often used figuratively.
1. I turned on that news channel and heard so much blitzkrap that my ears turned brown.
2. I turned in some talk radio and heard so much blitzkrap that my ears turned brown.
3. I bought some blitzkrap at my local supercenter yesterday.
by Ernest Peabody July 24, 2006
Phrasal verb used to denote various stages in the preparation, mastication, and digestion of food, along with the process of eliminating the waste products thereof.
1. Is dinner ready, or are you still working on it?
2. Can I take your plate, or are you still working on it?
3. Man, I'm still working on that tortilla three hours after I ate it.
4. Man, there was so much cheese in that quesadilla that I'm still working on crapping it all out.
by Ernest Peabody July 24, 2006
Fixation on ceramic figurines, sometimes sexual in nature
Moe: I think she's kinda kinky--a real case of preciosamomentophilia.
Joe: Why?
Moe: She's got ceramic figurines all over, and some of them are in sexual posed!
by Ernest Peabody August 07, 2006
Slacker with a cause, usually traveling in a quaint vehicle plastered with bumper stickers like "NO BLOOD FOR OIL," "REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS FOR ALL," and "SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS." Singularly unaware of irony and how stupid people look in knit rasta caps. While generally a conspiracy theorist, the activist often believes in the inherent goodness of mankind and will beat the shit out of her/his domestic partner for thinking differently.
Look at that activist smacking her husband after the peace rally.
by Ernest Peabody July 31, 2006

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