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Used in place of ATM or Ass to Mouth for anal sex followed by oral. In other words, "brown and serve".
"you ready for a little Jimmy Dean action?"
"what's that"
"brown and serve baby, brown and serve"
by Narfle T. Garthok February 22, 2009
A pile of shit that has been rolled into a round disc and frozen. The Jimmy Dean is then typically placed in an open car window or under a door.
Bro 1: "Bro, that stupid prof gave me a C!"

Bro 2: "Bro, you should totally slip a Jimmy Dean in his car!"
by theminiondotcom July 14, 2016
When you take a shit and shave your balls at the same time and your hair sticks to your shit and looks like a porcupine.
"honey, you didn't flush your jimmy dean again!"
by Matt Time July 10, 2008
To be screwed over; To get the sausage. To get dicked over.
To reference the dick or trouser sausage.
Man, when he got fired, he got the "Jimmy Dean".
She needs the "Jimmy Dean"
by CPTJoe October 17, 2007
verb, a back-formation from the sausage introduced by former country-western musician Jimmy Dean;denotes a celebrity leaving the entertainment business to produce commerical products. Will someday be applied to Kid Rock, Eminem, and Al Sharpton.
Hoo-doggie! That Eminem sure Jimmy Deaned when he introduced that new line of tampons!
by Ernest Peabody July 25, 2006
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