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6 definitions by ErikTheBeast

To knock somebody out
*POW* Lights out mother fucker !
by ErikTheBeast February 23, 2006
57 46
Them hoes that gots them big ass titties
"Damn you know katie she got them big ass titties"
"Damn Jaime is one of them big titty hoes"
"Hey where the fuck are them big tittie hoes ?"
by ErikTheBeast May 22, 2006
31 27
A phrase shortening and combining the words lick and them meaning "lick my balls"
Dave: Want to go to the mall later ?
Steve: Lick em dave.
by ErikTheBeast February 28, 2006
8 9
Slang term for Xanax
Hey man you got any silly bars ?
by ErikTheBeast August 15, 2006
4 11
Cheap ass toilet bowl cleaner found at wal-mart for about a dollar. Half of the key ingrediants in making a bottle bomb.
Example 1:Yo dude hand me that bottle of the works so I can pour it into this 2 litre.

Example 2: Jesse - Hey Erik get out and check that bottle bomb.
Erik - Opens car door .... *BOOM!*
by ErikTheBeast February 26, 2006
13 30
A phrase used by myself when playing trivial pursuit. Basically meaning hey fuck you ....
Jeri:Damnit you just got the green wedge
Me: "Here's a quarter now blow me"
by ErikTheBeast February 20, 2006
25 52