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person of greatness; beautiful woman with a great sense of humor. Loves her family, friends, and pets. Person of integrity. Very honest and trustworthy. She will be a great friend to you...
Jeri, dear friend
by such a great friendship February 03, 2010
A pretty, beautiful woman, both inside and out, has a bubbly and fun personality and puts others before herself, very smart and witty, someone you will indeed never forget, probably the most kind person you'll ever meet in life. Jeri has a heart of gold, her smile will always cheer you up, very difficult to fall out of love with her because once you're in love you will stay in love. She is impossible to hate, she loves unconditionally. She loves her family, friends, pets more than anything. Has a big sense of humor, can be weird in her own way and can make anybody happy. She is slow to anger and quick to forgive, everybody needs a Jeri in their life.
So I talked to Jeri today, she's so nice! do you think i've got a chance with her?
by NAMELESS GURU November 06, 2015
1.)A derogatory word for an insubordinate black male.
2.)A black male that can't speak proper english, sells drugs, and acts like a thug.
Look at that fucking jeris.
by murda robinson October 29, 2003
Another term for an African-American. Derived from jeri-curl and jeri-rig. The term Jeri is most often used in a derogatory context in place of the word nigger.
Len: This neighbourhood sure is full of alot of Jeri's!

Scott: That's why we don't march our parades here after dark.
by KwameJones June 10, 2008
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