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A type of pornography based on arousal from electronic devices. Usually viewed by extreme geeks.
Two teenage geeks watching electrotica:

"Check out that ten gig kingston stick of ram. Its uber sexy"

"oh man id do it even if it had a virus"

"leet dude...leet"
by Erik Villoria May 22, 2007
Commiting lewd acts to an electronic device.
"i feel bad for Joey's new ipod"

"what? why?"

"dude he's into that electroneastiality shit"

"oh damn...hope apple didnt make this version fertile"
by Erik Villoria May 22, 2007
An expression of barbaric anger or frustration.
Johnny is very tired and has been playing his video-game for over 16 hours straight. When he still is unsuccesful he screams "BLARGH" in agony.
by Erik Villoria May 10, 2007
The attempt of a porn watchee to fornicate with whichever electronic device he/she is using to watch porn.
Billy can no longer see whats on his computer screen due to his multiple acts of pornication.
by Erik Villoria May 22, 2007
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