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3 definitions by Epimetheus

A scrub whose noobishness transcends the boundaries of both gameplay and grammar. Originated as part of a post header on the World of Warcraft community forums.
"If your not on Tichondrius your an scrub."
by Epimetheus December 31, 2007
Generic term for cool, good, awesome, groovy, chill, swell, nice, great, sweet, fly, happening, fresh, super, etc.

Alternately spelled magellin, as if an abbreviation of "magelling," which is not a word.
"How's it going, man?"

"It's magellan."
by Epimetheus January 08, 2008
Another word for the hallucinogenic drug also known as shrooms.
Alternately called dutties or duddies.
He is totally on duttles.
by Epimetheus January 08, 2008