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Evil AND adorable. AT THE SAME TIME. Something that half scares you to death but you just want to nervous laugh and hug the...thing.
OMG that cat is like soooo evidorable! It's giving me the death stare but i just wanna hug it!
by EpicBird August 14, 2010
When you become so carsick you fall into a stoned trance. Emotionless. Zombielike. Unresponsive. Possibly sticking your tongue out.
Person 1: "Hey look at that bird! Whooooooa..."
Carsick Victim: "Eh." (closes eyes)
Person 1: "Fine. Be that way. At least I'm not carsick stoned. Suckaaaaah! :)"
Carsick Victim: "Eh."
by EpicBird July 16, 2011
A feeling of incredible bodily discomfort in a cramped place.
We were squished ass during the car ride to Palm Springs.
by EpicBird July 16, 2011
that sneaky walk you do past the person who caught you red handed. similar to slinking away. Even though you were caught you act like nothing happened. When doing the stealth walk, you lean forward and walk in a way similar to a lizardlike dinosaur.
person 1: Dude, my mom caught me eating a bag of chips so I totally stealth walked past her and she looked at me all weird

Person 2: radical man. I stealth walked out of Costco with a hanful of store d'ovures
by EpicBird June 14, 2010

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