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1. An impossible class that results in sleepless nights, ruined GPAs, failing grades. Death. But it will teach you more about history, economics, culture, social hiearchy, politics and you guessed it ... history than any other class - if u make it out alive. Usually taken by sophomores who don't know how hard AP classes are, but honestly the first AP is always hell so it's usually better just to get it over with. Also the exam is much easier than the class.
Grade in Class: C
Grade on AP World History Exam: 5
by Trinu October 13, 2006
A class specifically designed to kill students. Those brave enough to venture into this class will face uncountable sleepless nights and extreme cramping of the hands. Please keep in mind that upon entering this class it will be impossible to keep a job, have friends, or do the homework of any other class unless your day consists of more than 24 hours. Also, if you do not listen to my warnings at least keep Tylonel on hand at all times because you will have a headache everyday.

Please Note:
Although the material in this class which is covered is sometimes interesting it is not worth the amount of work.
Student 1: "Want to go out somewhere tonight"
Student 2: "Yes, but I can't because Ms. Walker, my AP World History teacher, gave us 100 words to define and two essays for homework so I can't"
by A_Stranger May 02, 2010
A useless class that teaches you nothing useful for your life unless you choose to teach it yourself. Results in sleepless nights, crammming in hours of studying, worthless chapter outlines and reading a textbook that will bore you to death. Was written by a bunch of clueless retards. Your school will probably hoax you into taking it. Don't believe their bullshit. Save yourself and don't take this class.

Not to mention the teacher doesn't teach shit, they expect you to learn everything from the textbook.
You could sleep through this class and pass it since you are expected to read 25 pages of rambling a week and learn everything from that.

AP World History is a useless class
by Fuck College Board! October 29, 2007
A ridiculously hard class that will result in sleep deprivation, all nighters, the reading of an entire textbook, the complete usage of at leas two packs of pens, two three inch binders of notes, and a new perspective on the world if you get a good teacher. If you play any sort of sport, your entire life for that year will consist of that sport and world history, forget about friends, sleep, sometimes food and even other classes. Going to sleep past twelve every night will be normal and you will begin to think that eleven on a school night is early.The AP credit is not worth the time and effort that you will put into the class to pass, I do not care how motivated or "smart" you are, you can get the same perspective in a regular class without the price you pay, do not make the mistake others have before you.
Friend: hey what did you do last night
You: I stayed up till two finishing my AP World History study guide after the game
F: Dang, good thing I don't play soccer because I only stayed up to twelve
Y:Lucky! you actually got 6 hours of sleep?
F:Yeah dude, I feel like i slept for a day
by Soccer10 March 20, 2013
A ridiculously hard class that you have to endure lack of sleep, shitty grades, and a teacher that gives you notes and notecards expecting you to write at a college level... Even though your only a SOPHMORE!! More often than note these teachers have issues with people having any type of fun (yes even sleep) and think that the definition of Ap World History on urban dictionary is funny. DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS!!!
Mrs.Skavarla Is A Horrible AP World History Teacher -_-
by DOWORK! February 13, 2013
to anyone who says this class is easy if you put time into it, from the rest of us normal sophmores: FUCK YOU. this class takes up at least 2 hours every other night. In those hours, you will be piled with HW up your ass non stop. and just when think you know the material when studying for the test, she hands back a goddamned C for all your hard work, blood and tears. this class will take time from all your other damn classes.

sincerely frustrated classmate
jack: hey wats your hardest class?

Mary: oh, there was this one that made me stay up every night b/c ms. mcbitch wont stop assigning hw
jack:...Ap world history?
mary: (sigh) Ap world history
by definitioncontrol October 30, 2014
A disease which is common among seniors and reckless sophomores. The typical symptoms include lack of energy, inability to fall asleep, decrease in social participation, and excessive anxiety. The patients tend to show either/both apathy about life or/and pathological fervor about historic subjects. The disease frequently begins in September each year, reaching its climax in late April and early May, and wanes in June and July. The mortality rate it causes among patients is higher than the chance to get a 5, which is a cure for this disease.
Parent: My child got an allergy involving AP World History.
Doctor: I'm so sorry to hear that! That poor kid must be suffering so much.
by wesand March 31, 2015
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