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Famous duck basting architect, based in Adelaide, Australia. Famous for designing award winning, beautiful, mobile phone towers.
Recently appeared on McLeods Dawpters, episode 33, playing a role as a doctor.
Endorphous? Who endorphous, what you talkin' bou'
by Endorphous December 04, 2003
Distortion of the name "Mike" when pronounced by endorphous}
Noooooowwwwww Milpke. What was dat?!
by Endorphous November 29, 2004
The sound a barn owl makes when particularly aroused.
Hey! stop teasing that owl in that innapropriate manner, the cookebu-ing is driving me crazy!
by Endorphous November 29, 2004
having a pleasing flavour; having or showing good taste tapest or araps
this peking duck is arapnestry
by Endorphous December 03, 2003
"Norman Sheun?"
"Yeah hi, is a Steam-Shovelled Cunt there?"
"no, no, nobody here by that name, mate"
by endorphous January 13, 2004
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