i was reading the two definitions above

just to clarify what peking duck is on a very basic level

peking duck is a wrap of duck with the best sweet sour sauce in it
you don't wanna breakfast wrap anymore if you ever try peking duck at any decent Chinese restaurant (buffets don't count)
guy-babe, you wanna a bite of my peking duck?
girl-yea, sure
guy-flash me first
by Duck Peking December 02, 2007
1. A delicious Chinese duck dish served with plum sauce wrapped in a thin wafer like paper bread.

2. One who attempts to take a subtle look at a female's breasts or behind without being noticed.

3. You attempt to look at something without moving your head; only darting your eyes to the object of interest.
1. The man was on a date with his girlfriend and the attractive waitress bent over. He quickly looked at his girlfriend to make sure she wasn't watching then quickly darted his eyes, Peking Duck like, towards the waitresses behind.

2. He was sitting at the footy and in front of him was a very busty girl. He would constantly look down, not moving his head but only his eyes, much like a Peking Duck, to catch a glimpse of the magnificent mammories.
by bigfev December 29, 2009
Giving the fruitbowl to someone then pressing it on an unknowing or unwilling person.
Pete- Hey John
John- Huh?
by Swartwood2006 March 06, 2007
When taking a bath with your partner, dive under water and wrap your lips around their asshole. When they fart in your mouth, hurry up to the surface and blow it in their face.
Today I confronted Tom about the peking duck he gave me last week.
by Emmit May 09, 2006

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