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39 definitions by Ellie

the spectacular, flip flop disasters and beer, this team can take it all...
em and ellie, go us we totally rule bring on the chaos
by ellie March 02, 2005
1 1
used to describe an aspect of someone else, usually in a negative way
that hairstyle is tragic
by ellie July 31, 2003
3 4
rolling on the floor laughing my arse and other body parts off while scaring the cat.
*after hearing a joke*
Man: rotflmaaobpowstc
by Ellie December 18, 2003
3 9
excited, energetic, happy, hyper, filled with energy.
I was filled with icescram!
by Ellie January 13, 2005
1 9
john MCNALLY (<--!)
'john huffs dong'
by Ellie May 05, 2004
2 10
Orchestra pit is rhyming slang for s**t
OOO He's really in the orchestra pit now!!
by Ellie November 30, 2003
7 18
the type of sex when the woman is over two feet shorter than the man, so, when in misionary position, the man's stomach smooshes the woman's face.
He had basketball sex with her last night.
by ellie March 09, 2005
51 63