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Past tense of talking shit.
"I used to talk shat about Mia before I realized how cool she was."

"Back when you were still shat talking Jeremy, I thought he was a jerk too..."
by Ellbee April 09, 2009
The vocabulary and language of text-happy Gen Y kids. A lexicon of words that are designed to be phonetic and easier to type/text rather than grammatically correct: Ur, K, BRB, U, 2
My little brother complains about not having a job, but then I look at his application and it says, "UR a gr8 company..." What kind of texticon junk is that?
by Ellbee May 06, 2009
When, in the midst of something completely kick ass, you totally screw up. For instance, if during the superbowl halftime show, you completely eff up your sweet-ass crotch slide into the camera by plowing the camera man, thus rendering it completely NOT cool. Also, "crotching the camera."
"Man, the Boss totally crotched the camera at the halftime show...I think he was limping afterwards."
by Ellbee February 01, 2009
An uncomfortable medical procedure performed by using a small, hairless rodent. For men, a hammogram is completed by sending hampsters with little forehead lights deep into the rectum to search for prostate and/or colon cancer. For women, a hammogram is used to test for precancerous cells in the breast tissue. The hamsters used in this procedure generally come with one dollar bills, expensive cuban cigars and single malt whiskey.
Hawkins: I'm never going to a proctologist; that's just scary.
Jen: I've heard they aren't that bad. Nathan had a hammogram last week, and he only crapped fur for two days!
by Ellbee October 18, 2008

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