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1) A man who exceeds all others in every way.
- The Hero

2) The King of Egypt.
- The Pharaoh
Mazin will never be challenged. He is the ONLY Mazin of this divine like state that exists on the Earth.
by Someone who knows this Mazin July 27, 2007
66 13
This is just a shorter version of the word Amazing.
"That gig was mazin!"
by Drewdan August 17, 2006
43 6
A 'thing' so unique and different that they need to to define it as an altogether seperate entity. It is known to be a very drastic change from the average and is known to produce results that may be outstanding or very intimidating
Matt: "Listen, I need to get outta this town quickly, I heard that the mayor of this town is Mazin"
by Dark Man July 17, 2009
19 5
To lead a member of the opposite sex though a labyrinth of mind games.
Hate to tell you bro, but that girl is straight mazin you.
by Powersc9 December 07, 2008
13 5
A person who is cool,funny,attractive,smart,popular and has a life.
Wow! He sure is Mazin!
by GangsterLoser August 03, 2011
10 7