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"President" of New Guinea.
He uses all his oil money to expand his palace, not help the common man, what a smacktard despot!
by Elite November 22, 2003
Word for hackers, and all "1337" people.
There was this one time, at band camp, AlthY glocked my eye 12 times.
by Elite August 26, 2003
I am so sad, it will take away millions of jobs from poor degenerate obese dregs of society, and illegal immigrants :(
Now if only Waldo could do good things on a consistent basis...
by Elite January 21, 2004
A place where all the aliens stop on their way away from the super nova that exploded and will kill us all in 10 years. We haven't seen it but they have because they can travel faster then light.
Alien kid: Dad, i got to potty, we need to pull over.

ALien dad: Okay son, Earth's just two stops over, we can eat lunch there too.
by Elite December 02, 2003
A show which is better then the last few Simpsons seasons, but isn't better then all the Simpsons seasons. Also, is slightly funnier then Family Guy.
Futurama is definitely one of the best sit-coms ever.
by Elite December 02, 2003
Capitol of the Western Roman Empire. Note that I say Western because you might not know it but Rome was divided into 2 Empires for it to be easier to manage. Unlike the Western Empire the East survived through the Dark Ages. The east was the Eastern Empire or sometimes called the Byzantine Empire. It's capitol was Constantinople, modern day Istanbul.
Rome, you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy(at least in the 8th century).
by Elite December 02, 2003
The Ultimate cross of the best gaming traits.
That Hybrid was unstopable during the entire game.
by Elite August 09, 2003

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