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When a gaseus emition becomes a solid one...

AKA a 'follow-thru'
OMG, I think i just sharted!!
by eightball August 03, 2004
An alternative to 'What the Fuck, oh my God', meaning the exact same thing.
Used by people on Acid who think it's hillarious... And it usually is!
1. Used as an alternative, and somewhat lame, alternative to 'What the Fuck'.
by eightball April 23, 2004
A non-threatening term used to describe a person who prefers guys.

Usually applies to a gay male, as an alternative to gay, queer, fag or homosexual.
Antonym: girlsexual
"Nah mate, I'm a guysexual"
"I think he's guysexual"
by eightball June 22, 2004
Where women's feelings overrule male rational logic and fact. It has worked for centuries because men want sex and wish to avoid nagging, divorce and losing everything they ever worked for.
Tom, I really want those $1000 Jimmy Chu shoes. Well Tiffany, I can't afford them. Guess who is not getting any sex until shoes are purchased via Shelogic.
by EightBall March 26, 2013
A man who enjoys cunnilingus so much that he is willing to feast on the yeast and use his tongue as a tampon whilst her monthly friend flows. A rare dude amongst dudes.
Dude, why is your tongue and face all red ? Well, my bitch ran out of tampons and I had to plug the hole with my tongue. Captain Tampon to the rescue !
by EightBall August 09, 2012
A whole aisle in a drug store devoted exclusively to vagina maintenance. Usually trafficked by the fairer sex during the worst week of the month (for both sexes !). Men are seen more and more these days cruising the vag aisle to help their lady friends in order to secure later entrance to the other type of Vag Aisle.
Dude, why are you shopping in the Vag Aisle ? Well, because I am whipped and I want access to the Vag next week.
by EightBall August 03, 2012
An ass so large and with such deep ass cleavage, one could park a bicycle tire in that ass crack like one would use a regular bike stand.
Whoa, look at LaQuisha's bicycle butt ! I could park my mountain bike huge knobby front tire in that ass cleavage.
by EightBall March 14, 2014
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